6 Healthy Tips for 2023

We have started a new year. 2023 is here and so are the new year’s resolutions lists, goals, new routines, new me, and new us. It is absolutely normal that we try to start all over at the beginning of the year since it represents the closure of a period of your life, and the beginning of a new one.


How to create new routines

When creating these new routines and goals, we should be objective and not write down one thousand things or too many steps that could overwhelm us during the first month of the year. If our goal is that the things we want to implement in our lives stay as part of our routine, we have to go one by one and not try to jump all in from the beginning.

This being said, we wanted to bring a few tips that could drive you to a healthier daily routine. Some small steps with which you will see great improvements in your day.


Tips for a healthier daily routine

1. Keep hydrated!

Something as simple as drinking enough water or liquids each day is crucial for our health. It helps in many ways, it regulates your body temperature, delivers nutrients to cells, keeps organs functioning correctly and even improves your sleep quality and mood.

Plain water is the easiest option, but you can also add some fruits or vegetables to it so it has a different flavor, tea is another option. However, it is better to stay away from beverages sweetened with sugar.

2. Be active

By being physically active we are helping our overall health, that is, physical and mental health. This doesn’t mean that you have to do very hard workouts every day, you can also go on walks, stretch or do some light movements, whatever feels good.

This will improve your brain health, your ability to do everyday activities, strengthen your bones and muscles, relieve feelings of anxiety and many other benefits.

3. Sleep, rest and recharge

Another simple but important tip: get enough sleep and let your body rest and recharge. Keeping a regular schedule with your sleep helps feeling more rested when you wake up.

We all know we need to sleep but do we really know what quality sleep helps with? Well, it improves our mood helps with making decisions and thinking clearly, reduces stress and even helps with maintaining a healthy weight.

4. Balanced diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential for good health. When following a diet like this, we provide our body with the necessary minerals, nutrients and vitamins which will end up in us having a strong mind and body.

One of the main benefits of healthy and balanced diets is that they can treat and reduce the risk of certain diseases. They also help with feeling better, improve skin condition, support muscles and boost your immunity.

5. Get outside and feel connected to nature

Spending time outdoors in nature has a great impact on our daily life. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, improves mood and physical health, and we get more light and vitamins which boost our immunity. When we ground ourselves, we feel more relaxed and at peace.

6. Listen to your body

And last but not least, our body and mental health always try to let us know what they (we) need so listen and take care of them. At the end of the day, how we feel should be the most important thing. We all need to learn how to take good care of our feelings and emotions but we will then start to understand ourselves more, feel more comfortable with our decisions and the steps we decide to take and be the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves.



Remember that small and achievable steps can bring great accomplishments. Don’t stress yourself out, keep working for what you want, listen to your body and mind and things will come your way.

Giving yourself more tasks and trying to be “more productive” don’t necessarily go anywhere. Of course, when we work hard and with a purpose, we are more likely to achieve our goals. But also keep in mind that life happens and some things are out of our control. So keep working towards your goal but also enjoy the process!




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