Teena Denzinger is a freelance Hair & Make Up Artist from Berlin. She started her career in 1999 at MTV Germany in Munich and then moved to Berlin in 2004. Since 2006 she has been freelancing and works not only for shoots, commercials and television, but especially with her celebrity clients. These include Palina Rojinski, Anna Schürrle, Joko Winterscheidt and many more.

What is your philosophy when it comes to skincare?

I keep it simple and don't overload my skin with too many products, which means I try not to switch between products too often. If I'm happy with my skincare routine, I stick with it and don't change anything. Important tip: don't forget to take care of your neck and décolleté, as well as always remove your makeup before going to bed. This is an absolute must!

What are your daily rituals? Can you tell us about your morning and evening routine?

Morning routine:

I start my day with a big glass of warm water and my macrobiotics. Then I do a meditation while sitting in front of my light therapy lamp (first daylight, then red light). I also do oil pulling and gua sha or jade roller and enjoy a cup of coffee. If I don't have to work too early, I do some exercise, either a run or yoga.

Afterwards, I take a cold shower and prepare my skin with body oil, face serum and face cream from Augustin Bader and apply Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF. I rarely use makeup in my daily routine, especially since we have to wear face masks throughout the day.

Evening routine:

First, I always remove makeup from the day and then use a toner (Augustin Bader). During my evening meditation, I do 20 min of red light. Then I apply a serum and cream again. I sleep with a silk pillowcase and a silk hair turban.

What activities or products do you like to use to make your skin glow?

To enhance my glow, I like to use Gua Sha, the Jade Facial Roller and I often do facial yoga to activate all the little muscles in my face. I also use my Radiance Red Light Therapy regularly and gently exfoliate often. Good skin care products are also important (I use Augustin Bader). And last but not least, drink enough water! I drink at least 2 liters of water to increase the glow of my skin.

If you had a whole day to yourself, what would you do?

On a day that I have off, I just enjoy my morning and evening routine. I do an extended workout and love to escape to the woods or countryside, meet up with friends or go for a long walk.

Your favorite beauty hack?

Definitely my Radiance Red Light, Gua Sha or other massage tools for the face. Not to mention my silk pillowcase and silk hair turban.

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