Red Light Therapy - Masks or lamps?

Red Light Therapy has become very popular lately although professionals have been using it for many years now to treat several conditions and diseases. Because of this, many devices are now available on the market for everyone to buy and use this therapy from home. Two of the most popular tools are Red Light Therapy Lamps and Masks. In this article, we will go in-depth about the pros and cons of each device.

But first things first, if you do not exactly know what Red Light Therapy is, it is a treatment that delivers red and near-infrared light to our skin and cells. It helps improve our overall wellness, balance our hormones, better our sleep and bring many other benefits. You can find more information about Bright Light and Red Light Therapy in the articles on our website.

Masks vs Lamps

You are probably here because you want to try red light therapy at home and would like to get some more information about both devices and to decide which one you prefer to try since there are many options and all of them claim to bring the best results. So we will give you some details here:

Red Light Therapy Mask

LED face masks are devices designed for people to wear directly on their faces during the session. These masks emit wavelengths to treat several skin conditions that penetrate our skin and activate and trigger changes at a molecular level.

Devices like the masks we find today on the market have been in use for many years but they were not as widely available as they are at the moment. Normally, the devices we can buy for at-home use do not have as much power or strength as the ones professionals might have in their offices so the results may not be exactly the same either.

Red Light Therapy Lamp

The Red Light Therapy Lamps, as well as the masks, radiate red and near-infrared light that goes into our skin 3-4 cm, activates our cells and brings several health benefits. One of the biggest differences is that these lamps are not directly in touch with the skin compared to the masks.

The light or heat coming from these devices is not harmful and has been proven to bring many benefits to our overall health and wellness.

Other differences between Lamps and facemasks are in size, power, coverage and the way to use them.

Pros and cons of each device

Now that you are probably debating what device you should get to try this therapy out and fall in love with the results, we wanted to offer you some more details about how these tools work and finally get to a conclusion about which option might be better:

1. Usage

The first difference we can see is the way Lamps and facemasks are used. With a lamp or panel, you can put it anywhere you want and it will radiate light to your body from a distance.

The mask, however, is in direct contact with the skin and we should keep in mind that it is, at the end of the day, made of plastic that gets warm with the heat it delivers so our skin will absorb any particles that may come from the device.

2. Coverage

Since a LED lamp will be placed in front of you, its light and heat can get to the entire body, not just your face. Ideally, you should place your lamp at a distance of 10-15 cm from your body to get the best results.

3. Power

Red Light Panels or Lamps usually deliver more light and power during one session than facemasks. Lamps provide treatment for the whole body instead of only one part, which means that you will be able to experience greater results.

4. Convenience

It is true that some lamps can be too big to carry or bring with you while traveling. Facemasks are light and easy to move around, so they can be very convenient in this case.

However, there are some lamps and panels, like our Radiance two-sided Lamp, with the perfect size to place it wherever you want whenever you want. It comes with a bag to use when you want to bring your lamp with you and keep it protected.


We hope that all the information we have shared above has helped you make up your mind about what device would be better for you. We believe that, in this case, a red light lamp or panel would be much better not only because it can be used on the whole body and it’s more versatile but also because it will not be in direct touch with your skin.

So, for an optimal experience trying red light therapy at home, we recommend lamps like the one from Radiance that will bring the great effects of this therapy to your entire body. Moreover, our lamp has two sides, one of them with near-infrared light and the other side for the bright light that mimics the natural light we can get from the sun.


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