The Importance of Light in our Lives

It is well known that light has many benefits for the human body and for everything in our planet. This is the reason for saying “light is life”. Light takes an incredibly important part in many biological processes that happen within our bodies. However, are all kinds of light good for us? If you want to know a bit more about this topic, keep reading!

Natural light vs. artificial light

With “natural light” we refer to daylight, the one created naturally by the sun, as opposed to artificial lights, which we are more and more exposed to since we spend a lot of our time indoors, specially during winter and the cold months.

Natural light has always been important as it has many benefits, not only to humans but also animals and plants. However, we also have to be careful with it as being exposed too much can have some harmful effects.

This being said, we have seen advances during the past few years and now, we can confirm that there are some “artificial” lights which are actually beneficial for us and we have been seen these being used in therapies and recommended by specialists, this is the case with Red Light Therapy.

Benefits of Light

As mentioned above, light is essential for us and our bodies to function properly and we sometimes take this for granted. Here are some of the known benefits of Natural Light :

  • Improves blood circulation and hormone balance
  • Controls our circadian rhythm, or internal clock
  • Has an effect on our mental health
  • Can improve sleep
  • Produces vitamin D

Although we are aware of the many benefits of natural light, nowadays, we spend most of our time indoors and instead, we are now exposing ourselves more to artificial light, like the one from our computers, phones… which doesn't become easier during winter when the weather and the lack of sun, encourage us to stay inside. This is why we probably feel a bit more tired and sluggish and we might need some help from certain supplements or even from “good” light to recharge our cells again.

How can we get the benefits from light?

These days, it is easier to get “daylight” even at home thanks to devices that mimic this effect and bring the benefits that we would get when going outside. One example is our two-sided lamp, for example. This lamp has a daylight side while the other side is for a red light and combines Red light (RED) and Near-Infrared Light (NIR).

Now, you might be thinking that these kinds of devices cannot be as efficient as natural sunlight. It is true that these devices need a strong electrical output to create the same effect and we cannot rely only on them completely to get everything our body needs, so we have to complement this with good foods, going outside and breathing fresh and clean air, good sleep However, we now have studies that prove these new devices to be helpful when using them regularly and they are even being used to assist with pain relief and treat many health conditions such as hormonal imbalances, skin issues and many more.

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