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Bring the benefits of the PEMF infrared mat to your home. It combines two powerful healing technologies into a single healing tool. While the PEMF mat grounds us in the earth's magnetic field and provides a reset for the whole body, the infrared heat penetrates our body and intensifies the effect.

Product Details
Voltage: 220 Volt (EU model)
Wattage: 250-300 Watts
Type of Infrared: Far infrared
Timer Settings: 1 hour
PEMF: 5 levels (3 Hz - 7.8 Hz - 10 Hz - 23 Hz - circulation of all levels)
Size: 100 x 50 cm (Go Mat) / 190 x 80 cm (Yoga Mat)
Warranty: One year

What’s included
1x Pemf Mat
1x Controller
1x Carry Bag
1x Information Booklet


Hear From Our Community

I love it! So convenient to use it in everyday life. I put it on my work chair and sit on it during the day. It makes me feel more relaxed and calm throughout the day. 
Radiance Heal
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Veronika R.
My second PEMF mat, but by far the best. I love the combination of infrared, PEMF and crystal therapy. It really recharges me and gives me energy like nothing else! 🙏🏻
Radiance Heal
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Manuel K.
For someone like me who sits in an office all day, it is an amazing tool to relax and unwind. It has also relieved my back pain. Highly recommended.
Radiance Heal
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Charlotte Z.


You have questions, we have answers

How Does the PEMF Mat Work?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) uses electromagnetic waves that mimic nature's natural frequencies. This stimulates and enhances your body's natural recovery process. When combined with infrared and the healing crystals, Tourmaline and Amethyst, the benefits of PEMF therapy are even more powerful.

What Is the Difference Between the PEMF Infrared Go and Yoga Mat?

Both use the same technologies. The only difference is the size and the respective use.

Can My Children Use the PEMF Infrared Mat?

Yes, PEMF therapy is also suitable for children! We recommend starting slowly, just a few minutes a day. Children should be observed to see how they feel. Do not leave children unsupervised with electrical equipment.

Increase Energy / Enhances Deep Relaxation
Boosts the Mood / Stress Relief
Increase Energy / Enhances Deep Relaxation / Boosts the Mood / Stress Relief


The human body needs electricity to send signals through the body and to the brain to function properly. Our stagnant daily lives drain energy from our cells. PEMF therapy works effectively to realign the electrical potential of our cells so that we feel more energized.

How Does It Feel?

Lying or sitting on the PEMF infrared mat is a relaxing and soothing experience. You may feel a noticeable pulsation in certain areas of your body. If you feel discomfort, it could mean that the magnetic field strength (MFS) is too strong. You can easily adjust it by changing the strength. PEMF technology can help you go into deep meditation more easily.


Far Infrared Heat - A deeply penetrating heat.


Crystal Effect - Amethyst & Tourmaline deepens the effect of the pemf.


Low EMF & ELF - For a safe at home infrared experience.


PEMF - Energy that increases your relaxation.

Important Note

Before you start your session, make sure you have placed a large towel in the blanket. Please do not forget to wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants, as well as thick socks.