Radiance liposomes are tiny spheres with layers made from top-notch, GMO-free sunflower lecithins that consist of over 97% phospholipids. These spheres are friendly to your body and the environment. The lipid layer can hold ingredients that are hydrophobic, while the inner core can accommodate hydrophilic ingredients. This design makes them excellent at delivering ingredients effectively.

Our bioavailability study has shown that Radiance liposomal formulations were:

  • Up to 46 times more absorbed than standard pills and powders.
  • Up to 22 times more absorbed than powdered liposomal supplements.
  • Up to twice as bioavailable as competitor liquid liposomal products.

Reference to study: Vitamin C Study

Most supplements are taken orally, needing to pass through the digestive system for absorption. However, the digestive enzymes in the mouth and stomach often degrade the ingredients, resulting in only a fraction being absorbed by the intestines.

Our liquid liposomal formulations protect the active ingredients as they pass through the mouth and stomach by encapsulating them in liposomes. These liposomes facilitate direct absorption into the bloodstream through the intestinal lymphatic system, bypassing the liver. This significantly enhances the bioavailability of the active ingredients in the bloodstream.

Liposomes are formed in a liquid environment. When liposomal formulations are dried into powder, the liposome structure breaks down, leading to decreased effectiveness. Our bioavailability study compared liquid and powder forms of vitamin C, showing that powdered liposomal forms had low bioavailability similar to non-liposomal powders, while the liquid liposomal vitamin C had significantly higher bioavailability.

Liposomal technology shows promise, but the supplement industry lacks regulations to ensure consistency in product quality. This has led to many inferior liquid vitamin products offering bioavailability similar to standard supplements.

Only a select few companies produce top-quality products. Our bioavailability study demonstrated that our advanced liposomal formulas were at least twice as potent as the ones we tested.

Not all manufacturers invest the effort and dedication needed to produce stable and effective products. How can you distinguish between them?

A simple way is to pour a dose into a glass of water and observe the consistency after 5 seconds.

  • If the water remains clear and the liquid stays intact at the bottom, you have a genuine liposomal product that can efficiently deliver its contents to your bloodstream.
  • If the water becomes cloudy and the liquid disperses, you have a supplement with no significant improvement in bioavailability compared to standard pills, potentially containing additional chemicals.

Another method to determine the effectiveness of your supplement is by examining the fat content. Since effective liposomal supplements use phospholipids as a base, the fat content should correlate with the amount of ingredients present. For instance, if your product contains 1000mg of vitamin C, it should be paired with 10g (or 1000mg) of fat in the nutrition facts section.